Since 1964 (the year of foundation) the enterprise grew from Belarusian Branch of the State Scientific and Research Institute named G. M. Krzhizhanovskogo (BelENIN) that completed local tasks in the APCS sphere (Automatic Process Control) up to Scientific Research and Project Republican Unitary Enterprise «BELTEI», that is capable of completing any project in the sphere of power and industrial engineering by «turnkey» basis.

  • 1964–1985 Ministry of Energy and Electrification of the USSR
    Byelorussian branch of the State Research Institute named after G. M. Krzhizhanovskogo (BelENIN USSR)
  • 1985–1992 Ministry of Energy and Electrification of the USSR
    Western Branch of the All-Union Research Heat Engineering Institute named F. E. Dzershinski (ZapVTI USSR)
  • 1992–1996 Ministry of Energy of the Republic of Belarus

    Belarusian Heat and Power Institute

  • 1996–2000 Ministry of Fuel and Power of the Republic of Belarus
    Scientific Research State Enterprise «BelTEI»
  • 2000–2007 Belarusian State Power Concern
    Scientific Research and Project Republican Unitary Enterprise «BelTEI»
  • 2007-present day, Ministry of Energy of the Republic of Belarus
    Scientific Research and Project Republican Unitary Enterprise «BELTEI»

From 1985 to 1992 Institute (ZapVTI USSR) has been defined lead organization in the framework USSR Ministry of Energy in the field of IAS control system in heat and power stations and perform the projects to modernize the control systems in power plants with electrical power up to 300 MWe.

During the operational years of the institute we created and introduced automated power generation units control systems for 200, 300, 500 MW power generation units that were installed on many largest power plants of the former USSR (Moldovan, Azerbaijanian, Dzhambul, Ekibastuz State District Power Plant (SDPP)SDPP-1, SDPP-2, CHP-21, № 22 Mosenergo, CHP «Yushnaya» Lenenergo etc.), Lukoml SDPP, Gomel CHP-2, Grodno SHP-2 and Mogilev CHP-2 in the Republic of Belarus. Some of these developed systems are still in use in the following SDPP: Lukoml, Tripol, Iriklin, Karmanovsk, Cherepovetsk and other.

Since 1992, the activities of the institute was based mainly on objects of the Belarusian energy power system. Institute’s professionals have successful experience in development and introduction of modern APCS for the following power generation units: SGU-215 MW at Berezovsk SDPP (st. № 3 and № 4), SGU-230 MW at Minsk CHP-3, T-250 MW at Minsk CHP-4 (st. № 4), Lukoml SDPP, Novopolotsk CHP and other.

During the previous decade RUE «BELTEI» extended the sphere of its activity.

We have developed and introduced projects on automated measuring and information systems for accounting of the electric and heat power, fuel consumption for Zhodino CHP, Bobruisk CHP-2, Mogilev CHP-2, Grodno CHP-2, Minsk CHP-4, Minsk CHP-5, Kalininsk NPP. We have also created automated measuring and information system for electric power consumption in Minsk, as well as performed construction projects of the automation of control and accounting systems of energy resources power generation sources for RUE «Brestenergo», RUE «Vitebskenergo», RUE «Gomelenergo», RUE «Minskenergo», RUE «Mogilevenergo».

RUE «BELTEI» completed complex design of over 40 power facilities. We have also completed design and project documentation for reconstruction of heat distribution network that is over 150 km in length.

RUE «BELTEI» has the leading position among Belarusian Instituts that work on energy inspection of enterprises.

RUE «BELTEI» is a leading organization for carrying out energy audits of enterprises of Republic of Belarus. Since 2011 energy auditors of RUE «BELTEI» have been actively working in Russian Federation. The RUE «BELTEI» has carried out energy audit of: Belgorodskaya CHP, Private enterprise «Smolenskteploset», 30 boiler Plants of Bryansk Municipal heat supply Network, parent enterprise of JSC «NIKIMT» Atomstroy» and three their branches, administrative building of Svyazbank» in Moscow.

Novopolotsk branch of RUE BELTEI has designed the projects for expansion of the automated environmental monitoring system of JSC «MOSENERGO» for 10 CHP in Moscow.