RUE BELTEI has a sufficient scientific capacity, technical resources, and a pool of certified energy audit experts with a 15-year experience in the field to implement every step of a comprehensive energy efficiency enhancement plan.

RUE BELTEI provides:

  • energy inspections — energy audits of economic entities of all sectors;
  • inspections and tests of technological equipment and processes of enterprises;
  • energy products consumption efficiency analysis, equipment energy efficiency estimation;
  • financial and economic performance analysis, including energy-cost rate, and energy production costs estimation;
  • energy efficiency programs and measures design for the country, regions, industry sectors and economic entities;
  • energy resources consumption rate validation;
  • environment protection recommendations, and other activities.


Head of the General Energy Department

Molochko Andrey Fedorovich
Tel. + 375-17-375-55-09, Fax + 375-17-397-84-50

Contact Information

Head of the Energy Control Laboratory

Makei Andrey Evgenievich
Tel./fax + 375-17-354-38-11