A Research-and-Development Center for design, implementation and maintenance of automated meter reading and control systems is incorporated in RUE BELTEI.

The Center designs automated systems for energy sector, industry and residential users, including:

  • scientific, expertise, organisational and metrological support for automated meter reading systems design;
  • commercial and technical measuring, operating control and analysis of consumption or supply of energy products;
  • creation of automated meter reading systems for energy and industrial facilities, starting with early inspection of facilities, and project design to their commercial implementation with warranty and post-warranty maintenance;
  • drafting industry specifications for automated meter reading systems;
  • design of testing programmes, methods of metrological attestation for automated systems’ elements, their industrial and commercial testing;
  • design of systems for comprehensive accounting of energy and energy sources, with a uniform technical policy for various types of energy products accounting and control;
  • organisation of automated control for heating systems and supervisory control and data acquisition systems for heating networks;
  • project design for 0.4-10 kV distribution system automation;
  • project design for 35-110 kV electric substations telemetry systems;
  • project design for energy facilities communication networks;
  • supervisory control and data acquisition systems design for substations and electric sections of electric power plants;
  • project design and reconstruction of 35-110 kV electric substations, 6-110 kV switchboards of electric stations, boiler houses and industrial facilities.


Grinevich Alexey Mikhailovich
Head of the Department of Automation of Heating and Electrical Networks
Tel./fax +375 17 221 66 62
e-mail: gam@beltei.by