RUE BELTEI acts as a first category general designer. The institute also elaborates preliminary (and pre-investment) project documentation for various energy and industry facilities.

RUE BELTEI prepares design specifications and estimates and its parts for the construction and reconstruction of:

  • any type of boiler houses;
  • thermal power stations, gas-turbine stations, combines cycle gas turbines;
  • heat lines,
  • congregation and trigeneration units for industrial facilities,
  • electric substations,
  • water supply and sewage lines,
  • smoke pipes and exhaust ducts of electric power plants and boiler houses.

Major RUE BELTEI’s customers for these services are the energy sector enterprises, industrial enterprises (RUE Belarusian Cement Plant, OAO Mogilevkhimvolokno, NPO Integral, etc.), oil and gas industry (NPO Belorusneft, RUE Belarusian Gas Processing Plant, etc.), agricultural, public utilities, construction industry, and other economy sectors enterprises.