RUE BELTEI provides a range of works for metrological support of power facilities:

  • metrological calibration of measuring channels for supervisory control and data acquisition systems, including primary transducer – communication line – controller metering case – basic technical parameters monitoring unit (temperature, pressure, level, consumption, etc.);
  • metrological calibration of devices and mechanical parameters control systems for steam turbine and gas turbines, including: rotation rate, rotating element thrust, vibration speed, curvature, relative expansion, and rotating element relative vibration displacement (proximitor),
  • metrological audit of enterprises.

The audit may be performed both in a laboratory, and at site. Inspection records, certificates and electronic databases are issued to account and control the metrological support of devices and systems.  Metrological inspections are performed with modern equipment, including mechanical displacement workbench, IKSU-260-type calibrators, mobile vibration shaker VSP-02, pressure precision instrument Elmer PKDS-210, and special tools for calibration signals imitation.

RUE BELTEI’s Software and Hardware Laboratory is accredited by the Belarusian State Standartisation Committee for STB ISO/MEK 17025 to perform metrological calibration (certificate BY/112 5.0033 of 19.02.2007).